Rise up and leave off resting
It is Islam, [it has] returned
In the path of Allah, we have walked
And announced Jihad

We have returned with a machine gun
Possessing leadership today
And we have followed the awakening of this generation
Groups and individuals

We have not known life
Except with vehemence and endurance
[chorus x2]

The gathering of believers has sprung
With the genuine youth
In the nights of affliction they have walked
Behind an elucidating Qur'an

They did not care about (ar-razaya? translation pending)
Between the jaws of years
[chorus x2]

Give glad tidings to the people of a morning
Aglow with lucidities
And with which the conquest is manifest
In the depths of darkness

And of one row united
In guidance, by the hands of the obedient
[chorus x2]

Oh, the [fateful] nights of the unjust
Oh, the humiliation of the jesters
Oh, the waste of years
The clear warning has arrived

We have come to you with a machine gun (rata-tat-tat-tat-tat)
And an elucidating Qur'an